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Dental Gems

Reveal a Smile that Sparkles

woman relaxing on couchIn the modern pursuit of unique self-expression, adding a little sparkle to your smile with dental gems can truly set you apart. Our dental gem service at Exceptional Dental Care is designed to customise your teeth with dazzling, eye-catching gems, enhancing your smile with a personal touch of glamour.

Here’s a detailed look at our process:

Consultation: The first step is a thorough consultation to discuss your vision. We explore various gem options, discuss the optimal placement on your tooth, and understand your personal style preferences. This initial conversation ensures that the gem choice and placement perfectly align with your aesthetic desires.

Gem Application: Once you’ve chosen your gem, our skilled professionals use a safe, dental-grade adhesive to attach the gem directly to the surface of your tooth. This process is quick, painless, and does not involve any invasive procedures like drilling, ensuring your comfort throughout. The application is so gentle that it preserves the integrity of your tooth enamel, maintaining the health of your teeth.

Removal: Should you decide to change your look or simply revert to your original smile, the removal process is just as straightforward and gentle. We can easily remove the gem without causing any damage to your tooth, leaving your enamel intact and your tooth surface as smooth as before.

Why Choose Dental Gems?

Our dental gem services offer a unique and stylish way to personalise your smile with a wide selection of dazzling gems. Each gem can be chosen to suit your individual style, allowing you to express your personality in a distinctive and glamorous way. Whether you prefer a subtle shimmer or a bold sparkle, the choice of gem is entirely up to you, ensuring that each application is as unique as the individual wearing it.

Moreover, our dental gems provide the flexibility to change your look at any time. These gems are not permanent fixtures, which means you have the freedom to switch up your look or remove the gem entirely whenever you desire. This temporary nature allows you to experiment with different styles without commitment, making it ideal for special occasions, events, or simply whenever you feel like adding a touch of sparkle to your daily life.

Additionally, the process of applying and removing dental gems is completely non-invasive. There is no drilling or any other form of discomfort involved, ensuring a pain-free experience. The gems are attached using a safe, dental-grade adhesive that can be easily and safely removed without any permanent alterations to your tooth. This method not only preserves the integrity of your tooth enamel but also keeps your overall dental health unimpacted.

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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