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Dr Becker Law (Dental Associate)

Dr BeckerDr Becker was inspired to become a dentist because he enjoys providing direct patient care and seeing the immediate impact of his treatments. He is especially interested in ceramic restorations and crowns and always aims to bring cutting-edge research to everyday dentistry.

His current research interest revolves around understanding the role of unconventional T cells and innate lymphocytes in inflammatory disease of the mouth, keeping him at the forefront of his field.

Finding Fulfilment Helping Patients

As a healthcare provider who promotes dental care, Dr Becker finds fulfilment in eliminating dental anxiety, alleviating pain, restoring function and smiles, and providing quality and long-lasting dental work. He speaks fluent Mandarin and a little bit of Taiwanese, in addition to English, allowing him to serve a diverse range of patients across the Spearwood community.

Education and Experience

Dr Becker earned the following:

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours), Australian National University (2013)
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine, Queensland University of Technology (2019)
  • Doctor Of Philosophy, University of Western Australia (2023)
  • He also has experience as a visiting scientist at the University of Bonn and Hamburg University.

In His Spare Time

Outside the practice, Dr Becker likes to play tennis and spend time with his family. He also enjoys studying dentistry.

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